Monty King Marketing is a Certified Google Ads Partner, managing Millions Yearly in Client Budget for a Multitude of Industries. We have provided professional and affordable Pay Per Click management services for companies since 1998, before Google and Google Ads (formerly AdWords).

Google Ads Management Services

Today, as a top 10% USA based Google Ads Partner Agency, declared by Google in 2020, we specialize in crafting customized high-performing Google Ads Campaigns capable of generating superior ROI.

The sophisticated and ever-growing Google Ads platform allows for massive reach with highly targeted ads through a range of marketing networks. Understanding your unique business model and goals is vital in developing an effective PPC marketing strategy for Google Ads, as well as leveraging the most appropriate campaign types:

  • Search Campaigns: Be found by ready-to-convert prospects actively searching for your services/products.
  • Display Campaigns: Expand your reach, remarket, build awareness & consideration.
  • Shopping Campaigns: Showcase your retail products in a visually engaging way to the right audiences.
  • App Campaigns: Drive engagement and installs for your IOS or Android mobile app.
  • Video Campaigns: Boost brand awareness with YouTube, target relevant channels and demographics.

Our team of trained and experienced Google Ads Managers can help guide you to the most cost-effective options.

Free Google Ads Campaign Budget Assessment

Industry-Leading Google Ads Campaign Management

The PPC industry is highly competitive and requires marketing savvy coupled with analytical ingenuity and innovation. SharpNet’s capable Google Ads manager team has designed, optimized and is successfully managing hundreds of Google Ads campaigns.

Our ongoing key campaign optimizations include and are not limited to:

  • Keyword Bids (Quality, Relevancy)
  • Device Bids (PC vs Mobile vs Tablets)
  • Scheduling & Location Targeting Bids (Day of the Week, Time of Day)
  • Search Terms (Negative keywords or Positive)
  • Audiences (Inclusion or Exclusion, Bidding)
  • Competitive Research & Metrics Monitoring
  • A/B Testing (Ads, Keywords, Campaigns & more)
  • Policy Issue Resolution (Disapprovals, Suspensions & more)
  • Conversion Tracking (Tag Testing, Verification & Upgrades)

We develop effective Google Ads marketing strategies with focus on your specific business needs, market trends, and competition.

Our old-school experience mixed with modern knowledge and real-life application allows us to translate your PPC goals and custom strategies into expert-level Google Ads campaigns. A well-thought-out campaign structure, that follows the latest industry standards, generates quality traffic data fast.

The main goal? Quality leads, not just relevant traffic generation. That is why we also make sure to install, test, and verify all necessary tracking tags on your website. Accurately tracking the most valuable website user interactions (form submissions, transactions, phone calls, etc.) allows us to analyze lead vs. general traffic data. This way we can optimize the right campaign areas at the right time for maximum performance.


Affordable Fees

Our management fees are below industry average, varied based on budget and complexity, and won’t break the bank.

Company Interview

We will conduct an interview with your team that will give us a chance to set goals, marketing objectives, budgets, etc.

Website Evaluation

Analysis of the website strengths and weaknesses, best landing pages, & identification of possible conversion issues.

PPC Account Creation

Creation of organized, well-structured PPC accounts, professionally crafted PPC Ads, proper targeting, and budget allocation.

Keyword/Audience Research

Our expert team will find a selection of targeted keywords/audiences based on relevancy, demand, and competitiveness.

Website Preparation

Installation of conversion tracking and traffic analysis tags, correction of any problems that may impact lead/sales conversions.

Campaign Launch

A conservative, micro-managed launch to test the campaign, setup, website, and overall process flow before implementing the full launch.

Campaign Optimizations

Keywords, ads, bids, time of day, day of the week, location of prospect, responsiveness, audience inclusions/exclusions and more.

Campaign Growth

Identification of new, productive keywords and audiences to enable ongoing campaign expansion and dominance over competition.

What Separates Monty King Marketing From Others?

  • Month To Month Pricing. No Setup Fees & No Long Term Contracts – Ever.
  • Maintain Complete Access & Ownership Of Your Google Ads Account Data.
  • PPC Department Dedicated To Studying & Testing The Industry Trends
  • Hands On, Experienced & Certified Google Ads Campaign Managers
  • Cost Effective & Into The Point Google Campaign Performance Solutions
  • Accurate, Versatile & Verifiable Conversion Tracking
  • Timely, Polite & Professional Service
  • Custom, Interactive, Easy To Understand & Navigate Monthly Reporting. 

More efficient PPC management translates to a more affordable PPC campaign with a higher ROI. There is a Monty King Marketing team member behind every Google Ads campaign we manage, actively working to ensure maximum performance.

We aim to squeeze every drop of goodness from Google Ads, ensuring that every cent of your monthly campaign budget is utilized as productively as possible.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Dan R.

"Monty, in a time where business scams are the norm, it’s refreshing to meet someone like yourself, a person of integrity. You are a rare breed. Thanks for your continued help."

Bryan C.

"We are getting more and more internet leads from your marketing service. Monty King Marketing is the first company that I have paid to do something like what you do that actually works, and we see a return."

Phillip R.

"The customer service has been nothing less than extraordinary. James was so easy to work with and very knowledgeable, was always professional, and was always available to answer my questions. Leighanne did an unbelievable job with her photography. Her photos really make the website pop and she 100% captured my vision for the product."

Page 1 Support

"Monty King Marketing has been a true, valued partner of ours and a big part of our success. They are the most skilled partner we have ever worked with, and compliment their capabilities with complete transparency and exceptional communications."

Bob L.

"Their help was very instrumental in developing and designing our website for All Purpose Paving. I found that they are always attentive to whatever I need done and always courteous and knowledgeable on web design and maintenance. I strongly recommend them for anything concerning web design."

Jim M.

"I have worked with the folks at Monty King Marketing for about a year, they built a fabulous website and we are currently getting more leads than the past 20 years. They know what they are doing, and get results. This was money well spent. Thanks to Monty and his Team."


"Not your average SEO or web firm. Compact and seamless, thus they offer premium products at a very competitive price. Not only are the years of service a plus, Monty King's unique progressiveness in what the industry is doing is invaluable. Staying on top of Google is a daily quest he achieves. In a world of difficult internet applications their honesty is refreshing!"

Benjamin C.

"Our company is in the S.E. US, and most people here think that to do business here you have to know someone or were raised here from birth. I was surprised by how many local leads simply found us on a Google search.
Monty King Marketing has done a great job for us, I would recommend them."

Michael S.

"I've been with Monty King Marketing for at least 4 or 5 years. Outstanding service and results to prove it. Also, they always get on a call with me anytime I have a question as I am not a techie."


"Monty and his team are not only experts in their subject matter but execute flawlessly delivering better and better results, month after month. Our visibility and leads have increased dramatically thanks to SharpNet's SEO and PPC services. I am extremely happy and highly recommend them for those who want professional results, fast."

Penton E.

"Monty King Marketing has bailed us out many times when in a pinch with our marketing. They quickly elevated from just a vendor we were testing to a company we rely on every day. Very professional and capable, their 20 years of experience truly shows."



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