How to record video from your computer screen and webcam at the same time

I want to show you how you can record your computer screen and a webcam at the exact same time. It’s completely free. This is one of the ways to record videos.

Open up a new browser and go to the website

This is something that, when you read on different forums – and you ask about what is the best screen recording software, this is one that always bubbles up to the top, and this is one that people tend to universally recommend.

First up is you’re gonna choose the operating system that you’re on? I happen to be on a Windows computer, so I’m gonna click on Windows and then the download will kick off so here in the bottom left hand corner you see that the install is going on.

So I’m just gonna let that complete. If I had a gigabyte internet connection, this would be done already. My Internet’s, not that fast. So we just gonna sit here and wait a little bit. I feel like. We need to play the jeopardy music or something like that and um um.

I think it’s done now all right here. You want to allow this app to make changes to your device. Yes, I do so. I’m, going to minimize my browser and I’m just gonna go through the install steps here I get a license.

Agreement looks good, let’s, go with it and it’s. Just telling me where it’s installing it’s. Gonna be about two hundred thirty four megabytes: it’s, gonna be OBS studio, sure let’s, go ahead and install, and that’s extracting the package and installing the app and as soon as it’s done what I’m gonna do.

I’m gonna say that I want to launch it as soon as this finishes installing I hope all of you are going to be recording fun things. Hopefully, hopefully we’re gonna be playing games with a webcam on there, or maybe you’re doing tutorials like this one.

So here it looks like it finished installing I’m, going to go ahead and lot.

How to begin recording you video

At 00:02:02 time point we show how to begin recording video.

This will bring up OBS studio, so this is the default screen that you get when you first launch it. It might look a little complex, but stick with it.

I’ll, walk you through how to set it up. So you record your screen and web camera at the same time.

So what we want to do first, is we’re gonna click on the plus button, because we want to add a source. So let me click on plus, and what we want to do is first, we want to capture the desktop here, so I’m gonna go down, and this is called display capture this option here.

This is my display. That’s what we’re capturing, so I’m gonna click on display capture. I’ll leave the default name that we have and then here it pulls in my display.

It also shows me the pictures resolution that it’s recording. I’m gonna click on OK, so there you can see what the screen recording is gonna capture. So I have my display there, but I don’t yet have my webcam.

So how do we get the webcam on there and what we’re gonna do is click on the plus button again for sources. This time I’m gonna go down to video capture device that’s referred to as my web camera (webcam).

Video capture device; I’m gonna click on that. I’ll, just leave the default name there and what’s nice? Is it detects that I have this Microsoft, LifeCam HD 5000 connected to my computer? So I’ll just go ahead with that one.

I could configure the video I could adjust the different settings for edit, but all of that looks great, so I’m gonna click on OK. Now you can see my desktop here and it shows my desktop image in the back of the windows.

Then I have this webcam image. What’s kind of neat is, I could drag this around so I could make it really big. Or I can make the window it smaller. So here I’m gonna make it smaller a lot of times.

What gamers do when they record games is they’ll kind of create like a little square, and then you put it down in the bottom right-hand corner of the window. A few of the other things that I wanted to walk through.

Let’s Click on file – and I’m gonna go up to settings. A few other things that you should know is I’ll click on output, one of the things you’ll see here, is by default. You have these different recording screenshots formats by default.

I like your recording to mp4, because my video editing software that I use accepts mp4 files. I’m, going to go ahead and select that and then you can also see where it puts your video files which will include sounds.

So here it’s, sending it to my C Drive. I can also browse it and see where the videos go, but that all looks good to me.

But what we’re, also going to take a look at is in this mixer area. You have a few different options. I have my desktop. This is if I’m playing a game or if I’m running a program that’s, the basically the system audio or the machine, the sound from the computer.

How to record video with microphone

I also have this microphone auxiliary down here and you’ll see that this color bar is going up and down for my microphone for my webcam sound recording. I could adjust the volume by moving this scroll bar down here, but I’ll just leave it on high, so I get both the camera audio and then I also get the system audio on there.

On the right hand, side I can click on start recording. I’m gonna click on start recording and now it’s recording my screen and sounds. So if I minimize it, I won’t see the web camera down there, but the webcam is very much recording.

So since this is a video we’re gonna record my screen and capture video, I’m gonna load up a game here. This is the game that I recently picked up called Park, you build a an amusement park.

So here we are, you should hear the audio from the game. You should also hear me talking as well. I’m gonna go and load a part. This is a theme park in the desert.

I should add some interesting commentary as I’m playing my game. Here we are on my big map. You can see my amusement park, let’s say I’m gonna turn off my speakers, so that sound doesn’t mess with my voice recording that I am creating.

But here you can see the this theme park. I’ve built here’s, a winged coaster. Look at that thing flying around and you should see my picture down there and oh boy. Look at that freefall tower man. That thing would be scary to go on.

I wonder, how much are we charging people to go on this go on this ride? That’s? It’s kind of pricey, but hopefully it’s, fun and then oh here’s, a free fall coaster.

So there’s a little section that just goes straight down. Pretty intense but yeah. So this is this is my amusement park. Hope you guys like it

I’m back on my desktop and I’m gonna click on the stop recording and now we have successfully recorded that game with all of the sounds.

If you’re in an application and work, if you’re in the browser, so any type of software, it’ll, be able to capture. So I stopped the recording. What I could do is if I click on the file menu. I’m gonna click on show recordings, and here it is.

My recording I’m gonna pull that up real quick yeah. So there you see, I’ll turn the speakers back on, so there you, I can hear myself talking, but here I could go through it. I could see the game, and so there you see my video on top of the screen capture and so it worked just as expected and probably not really the best game video person right now, but we could work on that.

So that’s as simple as it is OBS studio, it’s, a OBS studio, great piece of software, like I said before it’s free, it’s open source, no ads. It’s powerful, even beyond just video recording, you could also do things like streaming onto twitch or Facebook YouTube it.





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