Conversion Tracking

Our proprietary conversion technology can track the sources of both web and phone-based sales lead. Accurately track advertising ROI!

Comprehensive Sales Lead Tracking

Find Answers-Business owners and marketing directors struggle to understand which advertising channels are productive, and which are flops. Monty King Marketing’s conversion tracking solutions solve this problem. While many conversion tracking resources can identify the source of web-based leads, our can track the origin of phone-based leads as well. Phone-based leads can often exceed the volume of web-based from marketing channels including AdWords, SEO, Social Media, Print and TV. Now you can see exactly how effective each marketing channel is, allowing you to make intelligent decisions about your marketing strategy.  

So Simple, So Powerful

In today’s competitive marketplace, business owners and marketing directors must make intelligent decisions with accurate information. Marketing can be a major expense for businesses, and it is critical to help drive sales. But when executed poorly, you’ll be throwing money away while also not attracting customers. Monty King Marketing’s sales lead tracking resources help marketing teams to easily see which marketing channels are productive and which need to be shut down. With us, you can market intelligently, without much effort at all.  

Tracking Highlights

– Tracks origin of both web-based and phone-base leads – Continue using your same phone numbers – Captures call details: call time, call length, call number – Record calls for quality monitoring & sales team feedback – Determine advertising ROI from all advertising sources – Weed-out low performing advertising, maximizing sales – Provides data that Google Analytics & AdWords cannot – Simple online reporting displays lead source details – No need to build landing pages, boosting conversion rates

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Conversion Tracking


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