Fueled by real-time demand, the search engines deliver quality prospects to websites, at their moment of interest. Monty King Marketing has refined the art and science of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), helping to direct interested consumers to our client websites. Monty King Marketing offers a comprehensive SEO program that accommodates all elements that impact search engine ranking, bundled in a tactful, ethical and effective program that produces results. At Monty King Marketing, we are digital marketing experts and SEO is a key service we offer to help increase the visibility of our clients online.

Get More Leads To Your Website

The greatest need for your business is leads, which means you need traffic coming to your website, and you need it, like, yesterday.

I have put together one of the best teams online today. We are in the top 3% of Google Ad partners, and we were already internet savvy before Google was even a company. We have seamlessly been able to adapt to the changing atmosphere of the online landscape.

I created Monty King Marketing to help businesses and individuals increase customer sales, retention, and engagement. I spend many hours scouring the web for the best tools and resources to accomplish this mission.

I have a team of dedicated web developers backing me up, but I also make available the tools and resources we use. If we create something for you, we also provide the training so that you can do updates or modifications yourself.

In the cases where you prefer to do it yourself, we recommend the best tools to build your website. These recommendations are the tools we use, and we are proud to be affiliates for these tools. Any link you click that is not a direct service we provide, please consider it an affiliate link. This will in no way add to your cost, yet we may receive a small commission.

The resources I present, I use myself and for my clients.

Our Services

Fast Results

We provide measurable improvements within the first month. You will get a report with all the keywords for which your website is gaining in ranking.

"White Hat" Ethical SEO Practices

There are many “black/grey hat” SEO gimmicks that will get your site ranked…then punished. We practice only “white hat” strategies that, once you are ranked, you stay ranked for a very long time.

Onsite/Offsite SEO

We do more than just work on your website from within. We optimize your Google My Business and develop backlinks from Domain Authorities and business indices.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee your site will have a higher ranking in Google month by month for a variety of keywords. We seek out keywords that pertain to your business or niche, and get you ranking for them.

Search Engine Optimization

We provide comprehensive SEO solutions designed to produce long–term growth. We ensure search engine ranking growth each and every month. We have a dedicated SEO team which includes some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. Outlined are specific tasks that we address for the SEO campaigns that we manage.

Pay Per Click

The Monty King Marketing PPC/Google Ads management team has over 23 years of experience, providing PPC services since before Google was founded. The Monty King Marketing Google Ads management team was identified by Google as a top 3% performer. This identification was determined based on the quality of the campaigns we build, and the volume of budget that we manage.

Proprietary Google Ads Tools

As we grew and adapted to Google’s ever changing algorithm, we developed our own unique tools and support not accessible to other Google Ads management companies

$8 Million Managed PPC Budget

With $8 million of managed PPC budget each year, we offer an experienced and skilled team capable of operating highly efficient and productive Google Ads campaigns.

Engineers and Marketing Professionals

 Our PPC management team includes engineers and marketing professionals, allowing for a deep skill set that addresses (1) technical data analysis as well as (2) effective consumer communications.

Technical Capabilities

 All Google Ads resources will be used as needed, including bid optimization, mobile vs. PC optimization, time of day, day of week, geo-targeting, ad performance, ad delivery strategy and other key metrics.

Built From Scratch

You can give me all your assets (images and text), and I will build a unique website for you that will last for years to come.

Choose a Premade Template

Is there a website that you like? We can use it as a template for your website, or choose from one of our many templates.

Maintenance & Updates

We can maintain and update your website on a regular basis. Plugins need to be updated, data changes, you may want new images, etc. Leave it to us.

Website Development

Your website may be in need of an upgrade, or you just want to start a new one. Let my team and me develop a website for you that will wow anybody that visits your website.

Website Design

A website is the core presence of any established business, yet it is difficult to find the time and expertise to get your website right. Often the cost is too much to hire designers, or the ones that are affordable don’t get the design just right.

Well, that ends here. I can take your content and turn it into the design of your dreams. A good design will keep your audience engaged and coming back.

Website Design

I design websites using Divi and DiviLife theme and plug ins. I find them the most versatile and easiest to use. There is a learning curve of course, but its not like trying to learn how to code.

Branding & Logo

Do you need branding and logo design? I can help you with that. My team specializes in branding and logo design.

Content Strategy

Content can be laborous, but it is a necessary evil. Whether you need content for your blog or social media, we can produce wonderful content for you.

Featured Work

Website From Stratch

HuJo’s Auto Detailing Website Design

We built a website for a client who does auto detailing. We built all the pages, added images, overlays, and a contact/appointment form so that our client would get an email when somebody wanted his services.

Website Creation

We Created an Awesome Website for an Independent Painter

Our client, a painter, did not have time to build his own website. And he didn’t have the technical knowledge either. His budget wasn’t enormous, so he did not want to use a large company. We were able to offer him a rate that was within his budget, and the resulting website helps him to showcase his work to potential clients.

About Me

Hello! I’m Monty. I’ve Been Building Websites for 22 Years

I’ve been building and developing websites for over 22 years. Over the years I have teamed up with the best, and I know the best plugins that will take your website to the next level.

  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • SEO & PPC
Monty King


  • WordPress
  • Divi – Elegant Themes
  • Divi Life – Divi Plug-in Extention
  • Joomla
  • Nicepage
  • JotForm

Additional Services

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media Management
  • Google My Business

“Monty is very attentive and listens carefully to what I want my website to express. He always over-delivers, and surprises me.”

Dawn Smith

Meet Monty

Why Monty King Marketing


Monty’s Team


SEO Services

  • Local Service Providers
  • Small Business
  • Corporate
  • Franchise

Free Audit

  • We Audit Your Website For Free
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Detailed Back-link Audit

We Cover Many Industries

  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Shopping

Learn More

  • Long Term Strategy
  • Infographics
  • Content Creation

Contacting Us

When you contact us, our form will ask for your phone and email, and which is the best way to contact you.


After we discuss your project, we submit a proposal. If you agree, then you pay.


  • See Our FAQ’s

Case Studies

See Our Case Studies

Google Ads

YouTube Ads


Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads



Linked In




E-Bay Ads

Quora Ads

Yelp Ads


Website Design & Development

  • Build from Scratch
  • Upgrade Existing Website
  • Landing Page


Place some of your FAQ’s in a non-intrusive chatbot.


We Build Your E-commerce Website

Mobile Apps

We Build A Mobile App For Your Business

Phone Conversions

We Track Your Phone Conversions

Visitor Sessions

  • We Record What Visitors Do On Your Website
  • You See The Replay
  • “Light” Version Meets All Compliances (iOS 14 and GDPR)


Heat Maps

See Where Visitors Spend Time On Your Website



We provide marketing for Local Service Providers and small businesses

Contact us

Google Street View

We can place your establishment on Google Street View.


You can use our contact form to schedule a consultation. We will try to virtual meet on your schedule.

Learn More on our Blog


We Provide SEO Services

  • Local Service Providers
  • Small Business
  • Corporate
  • Franchise

Free Audit

  • We Audit Your Website For Free
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Detailed Back-link Audit

We Cover Many Industries

  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Shopping

Learn More

  • Long Term Strategy
  • Infographics
  • Content Creation

Paid Ad Strategy

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Ads Creation

Paid Ad Possibilities

  • Banner Creation
  • Daily Spend Configuration
  • Search Metrics Configuration
  • Daily Bid Adjustment
  • Daily Campaign Monitoring

More Paid Ad Services

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Negative Keyword Identification
  • Google Analytics Report
  • Monthly Progress Report

Social Media Paid Ads

Do you want to advertise on various social media? We can help.

Social Media Content Marketing

  • Facebook/Twitter Page Creation
  • Facebook/Twitter Posts & Outreach
  • Linkedin Profile Creation
  • Linkedin Posts and Outreach


More Social Content

  • Instagram/Pinterest Page Creation
  • Instagram/Pinterest Posts and Outreach
  • YouTube Channel Creation
  • YouTube Videos and Outreach
  • Weekly/Monthly Progress Reports


Social Media Ads

  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Weekly/Monthly Progress Reports



  • Featured Posts on Yahoo
  • Featured Posts on Entreprenuer
  • Featured Blog Posts


360 Tours

360 Virtual Tours on Google Maps

Who Uses 360 Virtual Tours

  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Factory
  • Warehouses

360 Tours Are Great For:

  • Real Estate
  • Museums
  • Venues
  • Wineries
  • Gardens


Setting Up Your 360 Tour

  • Contact Us
  • We Send A Photographer
  • We Customize Your Tour
  • You Get It As HTML, or We Can Host


Landing Pages

Landing pages are great for funnels, campaigns, and even SEO. An effective landing page must have certain characteristics for you to get conversions.



Are you developing your E-commerce website? Let us help you.


Local Business

Local Businesses have unique needs for their websites to be optimized for local services.


Portfolio/Personal Website

We can design and develop your personal or portfolio website


Logos For Different Purposes

Logos can be used for branding, or just for your website header. Let us help you with your logo


Local Service Provider Logos

We can create logos for local service providers, such as carpet cleaning, auto detailing, painting, etc.


Animated Logos

Let our designers create an animated logo for your


Logo Packages

We offer logos at different price points depending on your needs and scale.


Personalized Videos

See how personalized videos can transform your marketing


Interactive Videos

Your video shows different scenes based upon what your audience clicks


Intros and Outros

Logo stingers are great for promo videos, and even as YouTube intros


Special Effects

Dazzle your audience with special effects


Video Promotion & Distribution

YouTube Channel Promotions

Contact us


Video SEO

YouTube Channel Optimizations

Video Ad Campaigns

YouTube Ads

Video Consultation & Audience Research

YouTube Ideas, Channel Growth

Contact Us For More

Guest Posting

  • Get On High Authority Blog
  • Do Follow Backlink
  • Link Building Service


Content Strategy & Research

  • Press Releases
  • Quora and Medium
  • Unique Content Ideas


Native Advertising

  • Taboola
  • Advertorial Landing Page
  • Outbrain

Email Platforms

  • Mailchimp
  • Convertkit
  • Active Campaign
  • And More


Email Automations

  • Ecommerce Automation Flows
  • Autoresponder Follow-ups
  • Lead Magnet Funnels


Campaign Management

  • Responsive Templates for Email
  • Newsletters
  • Drip Campaigns

Cold Emails

  • Dedicated SMTP Server
  • Sequence for Cold Outbound
  • B2B Cold Emails

Customized Forms

  • You get email of what was filled out
  • Embed or Full Page Link
  • Collect Online Payments
  • And More


Form Integrations

  • Save Entries to Your Spreadsheet
  • To Your CRM
  • 100+ Integrations


Form Management

  • Save Time – Let Us Manage Your Forms
  • Off-Line Mobile
  • Manage Your Forms

Form Widgets

  • E-Signature
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Appointment Calendar


  • Contest Negative Reviews
  • Spam Link Flagging
  • Auto-Fill Errors Corrected


Establish Trust

  • Gain Consumer Confidence
  • Quality Value Additive Content
  • Gain High Level Contracts


Local Citations

  • Get Listed In Relevant Directories
  • Get Discovered Easier
  • Rank Accurately on Google Maps


  • New Opportunities For Brand Awareness
  • Determine Where You Stand
  • Control Your Company Narrative

Fiverr Gigs

These are gigs which we have curated from Fiverr

Gigs On Fiverr

Affiliate Disclaimer

We are affiliates for Fiverr, and use their services from time to time.

Using these links may earn us a commission, but do not raise your price.


Why Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website consisting of freelancers from around the world. Their work is sometimes cheaper, but it is difficult to know who has good quality for low prices.

You Get What You Pay For

Though we trust the quality of Fiverr, for the most part, we have gotten sub-quality from them before, especially trying to find the cheapest deal. That’s why we have curated an entire website of good quality freelancers from Fiverr.


Wofox for Graphic Editing



Affiliate Disclaimer

We are affiliates for Wofox, and use their services from time to time.

Using these links may earn us a commission, but do not raise your price.


All In One Content Creation

Use this Toolkit to craft your own digital content for social media, ads, web & print.


Revolutionary Content Creation

The Revolutionary Content Creation & Management Platform
Are you a beginner or an expert? Individual or team?

Get everything you need to create branded
visual content on WoFox or use your own assets.


Our Catalog

Services Catalog

See our “catalog” in an e-Commerce type setting.

eCommerce  Catalog

Do you have a catalog of products or services? We can set you up with an e-commerce site similar to the one in our Services Catalog.



Contact us to set up your e-Commerce catalog



With all your products or services in a spreadsheet, we can build a website for you in a short time.



We use Bonjoro, and believe in it as a marketing instrument.



Bonjoro For Charity

Learn how one charity raised $20,000 from her patio couch



We believe Dubb can help your e-mail marketing as well.


Dubb is Similar

But different than Bonjoro



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